Dressing up for dinner

It isn't scheduled to open until the end of March but I am curious to see how Hummingbird turns out. A new venture on Glasgow's Bath Street, it is a G1 project that looks as though it will be a cross between a bar, a restaurant and a spring break beach party.Spread over four floors, it promises an eclectic food menu, a beach bar, private fridges, a hot tub and, I kid you not, bikinis for sale. If I squeezed into a bikini then I would win … [Read more...]

Television doesn’t get tougher than this

Tonight's the night. After six weeks, the 132 wannabe chefs who started this fifth series of the new MasterChef have been simmered down to three and, at the climax of this evening's show, one competitor will emerge gravy-stained and victorious. The repetitive formula of the show can be a drag and the way in which the judges try to make eating seem macho gets tired pretty quickly but it is still must-watch telly. Even if final competitor Mat … [Read more...]

Bottoms up

A just released report from Oxford University appears to show that women who drink a large glass of wine a day increase their risk of certain types of cancer by up to 25%. I could swear that it was only a couple of weeks back that we were being told that a glass of red wine a day could have benefits for our hearts. Puzzled? I am. Just as confusingly, after years of being warned about the dangers of cholesterol in eggs, it now seems that it is … [Read more...]