Scottish Restaurant Awards 2009

The Scottish Restaurant Awards 2009 took place in Kelvingrove Art Gallery last week. This was the second year in which the event has taken place and it was a bit like the restaurant scene’s version of the Oscars but with a few more drinks and a lot less crying when it came to the acceptance speeches. Nominees for the sixteen different categories came from users of 5pm who were also major sponsors of the event. From a shortlist of three in each category, the eventual winners were chosen by a panel of independent judges after they had made site visits to the restaurants.

Given the current economic climate, these are potentially chilly times for people in the restaurant trade. Fortunately, restaurateurs tend to be an optimistic bunch and the general mood seemed upbeat and defiant in the face of the credit crunch. Collecting the award for Newcomer of the Year, Ryan James of Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery spoke for many of his colleagues when he said that the situation was not as bad as some sectors of the media made out and that, in his experience, it was possible for restaurants to thrive in 2009. This got a huge cheer and at least half of the people present demonstrated that it was possible to clap enthusiastically with crossed fingers. Congratulations to all the winners who are listed below.

  • Italian Restaurant of the Year – sponsored by IPS Aloha
    Bella M’Briana, Edinburgh
  • Indian Restaurant of the Year
    Koolba, Glasgow
  • Oriental Restaurant of the Year
    Yatai, Aberdeen
  • Speciality Restaurant of the Year – sponsored by On Trade Scotland
    Two Sisters at East Haugh House Hotel, Pitlochry
  • Family Friendly Restaurant of the Year
    Wannaburger, Edinburgh
  • Chef of the Year – sponsored by Somerfield
    Martin Wishart/Restaurant Martin Wishart, Edinburgh
  • Fine Dining Experience of the Year – sponsored by Business 7
    Hotel Du Vin, Glasgow
  • Best Pub Grub of the Year – sponsored by Heinz
    Chinaskis, Glasgow
  • Hotel Restaurant of the Year
    Inverlochy House Hotel, Fort William
  • Best Customer Service of the Year
    63 Tay Street, Perth
  • Rural Restaurant of the Year
    The Kilberry Inn, Argyll
  • Urban Restaurant of the Year – sponsored by Matthew Algie
    The Left Bank, Glasgow
  • Healthy Workplace Restaurant of the Year – sponsored by Health at Work
    John Lewis / Partners Dining Room, Glasgow
  • Seafood Restaurant of the Year – sponsored by Old Pulteney
    Grill @ Dakota Forth Bridge, Edinburgh
  • Newcomer of the Year – sponsored by Daily Record
    Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery, Glasgow
  • Scottish Restaurant of the Year
    The Kilberry Inn, Argyll

The full list of finalists is available here.


  1. mikeren says

    No Tom Kitchin!!! No Jeff Bland!!!
    Hotel du Vin as “dining experience of the year”!!!!
    Someones got to be taking the Mick!!!!

    Michael J Goldberg

  2. says

    It’s worth noting that all of these awards were nominated by the general public and short-listed before the judges made the final descision.

    Tom Kitchin was nominated in Chef of The Year.

    The full list of finalists is available here and I have updated the original post to include this link.

    As with all events of these nature, the results are subject to debate and personal opinion, of course if you didn’t nominate your favourites, you’re not allowed to complain about the results!

  3. elizabeth milne says

    Michael Caines at Abode should have been in there.
    Always a wonderful dining experience.


  4. Sharon 71 says

    I am shocked that The Sisters in Kelvingrove and Jordan Hill did not feature, fantastic food , great dining experience!!

  5. Chrissie says

    In response to the previous comment – No votes from me for The Sisters at Jordanhill – did not deserve to be anywhere near the competition. Had meal there in January 2009 – dreadful food, poor presentation, rude male server who whipped the plate away minute you put cutlery down. I was hugely disappointed as had entirely different experience at Sisters in the City Centre. Too bad I brought a few friends with me with high expectation of Jordanhill outlet! If you want to talk quality and service I suggest The Cabin in Whiteinch and Amarozone at Nelson Mandela Square Glasgow.

  6. Fiona Bell says

    Glad to see Hotel du Vin won the award for dining experience, the food and service is easily the best in Glasgow, the cheese board is extensive as is the wine list. The staff are very friendly, attentative and knowledgable.

    Martin Wishart is most definately the Chef of the year. The man is a genius!

    Not so sure on the 2 Fat ladies at the Buttery.

    Abode at the Art House would have been a good shout for Hotel restaurant although inverlochy is very good.



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