Going the whole hog

Mmmvelopes: taste like bacon and hold letters

Mmmvelopes: taste like bacon and hold letters

The 5pm blog has never been slow in bringing our readers the very latest news of culinary innovation, particularly if that news happened to be bacon-related.

We have already informed you of Baconnaise, Bacon Salt and even Bakon vodka. Now we can reveal the genius that is the bacon-flavoured envelope. The nattily named Mmmvelope is the latest product from J&D’s, an American company whose mission statement is the simple but effective ‘Everything should taste like bacon’.

‘We’re happy to report that J&D’s Bacon-Flavored Mmmvelopes™ are here to save the day,’ notes their website.  ‘No longer will envelopes taste like the underside of your car. You can enjoy the taste of delicious bacon instead.’

Remarkably, all of their products are kosher.

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