What’s in a name?

What do get if you cross a chicken with a pizza? A bad restaurant name

What do get if you cross a chicken with a pizza? A bad restaurant name

The blog has looked at unusual restaurant names before but a couple of new places on Edinburgh’s Lothian Road are worth re-opening the debate for.

Given the number of pole dancing bars and strip pubs in the immediate area, I thought that Illegal Jack’s sounded a likely name for a new entrant to the T&A market.

However, it turns out that Illegal Jack’s is not a strip bar themed along the lines of a bootleg bordello but a new south west grill which aims to open in a couple of weeks. Burritos, tacos and chilli wings are on the eats menu while coke and cappucinos are the strongest things on the drinks list.

At the foot of Lothian Road, I liked the name of a newly opened pub called The Vat and Fiddle. There are pictures of someone playing a fiddle while sitting on barrel dotted about the place but, given the pub’s location in the heart of Edinburgh’s financial district, many of its customers might impose their own meaning on the name.

There are no such potential misunderstandings at a new place which is shaping up on Edinburgh’s Brougham Street. I don’t have an opening date for it but I am prepared to make a stab at what sort of food they will be serving at My Big Fat Greek Kitchen.

The pic at the top of this blog comes from this site and it contains plenty of other howlers.