It’s the big one

Lasers see in the Bells at Edinburgh's Hogmanay street party

Not everybody likes Hogmanay but those who don't would probably change their minds if they realised that they were in the same camp as Michael Winner. In today's Mail, he moans fluently about the ghastliness of having to see in yet another New Year in the champagne-soaked horror of the five star Sandy Lane resort in the Caribbean. It's worth reading if only to see just how many names he can drop in the course of three paragraphs. I gave up when … [Read more...]

Beer belly buster

For reasons which my long-suffering belt makes clear, this Telegraph story about male corsets caught my eye. They launch in Marks and Sparks on January 7, a date which I imagine will also be a busy time for gym induction courses. … [Read more...]

Room 101

Greg Wallace: face of fun or face of evil?

As ever, The Guardian's Word of Mouth blog makes for entertaining reading with this entry about the worst food trends of the Noughties. I'm with Mr Majumdar on the proliferation of tapas but think he is being a little Scrooge-like with some of his other pet hates. Masterchef has become rather repetitive as the TV execs milk the formula to death but it's a million miles better than the sneering, snobbish tone of Come Dine With Me.Apart from … [Read more...]