Tea time for tots

The Pompadour: setting for the world's poshest kids' tea

The Pompadour: hosts the poshest kids' tea ever

Edinburgh’s Caleyhas launched a Kid’s Afternoon Tea menu in its rather plush Pompadour restaurant. Priced at a pocket-money friendly £7.50, the menu features cheddar cheese, peanut butter and jam finger sarnies, mini chocolate eclairs, jammy tarts and a choice of Haagen Dazs ice cream.

I can’t help but think that it’s the parents who might enjoy this most:

‘We took little Johnny Christmas shopping at the weekend. He behaved so well that we let him have a Happy Meal at Maccy Ds.’

‘Did you really? Jamie was ever so sweet and spent all of his allowance on a present for his sister so we treated him to afternoon tea at the Caley.’

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