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Supercube Karaoke

Think you can sing like Beyonce?

This one is a little off the usual beaten track for the 5pm blog but it's fun so we'll file it anyway.

Just opened on George Street this month, Supercube is Scotland's first, purpose-built karaoke venue. It features seven, sound-proofed rooms and some 15000 songs for would-be warblers to choose from.

With the Glee karaoke drama poised to take over the TV schedules, it looks like an astute move on the part of Supercube's owners. The place is open until 3am so if you get a late night urge to unleash your inner Jay Z/Beyonce then you know where to go.

Supercube is right in the centre of town and if you fancy a bite to eat before singing your lungs out then click through to 5pm's Edinburgh Festival map which will show you all the nearby 5pm restaurants.

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