The royal wedding: it won’t go away you know

Eton Mess: as eaten by the royal family

The royal wedding has proved a bonanza for the PR industry. The blog has received countless press releases on royal hair does; commemorative crockery and holiday deals based on the presumed location of the WillKat honeymoon.My favourite was one which wanted to share the thoughts of a woman who cut the hair of Fergie when she got hitched. The release seems to have come from someone called Snooki, a name which is practically a blog entry in its … [Read more...]

Who Gives A Fork? We Do! Pt II

Did you really think that the events I mentioned in my last blog post were the only ones we had for the GRA's rather brilliant 'Who Gives A Fork?' campaign? Shame on you! We've got even MORE charity evenings in place to help raise funds for the Maggie's Caring Centres in Glasgow :)Caught your interest? Then read on!Ladies everywhere are invited to pamper and rejuvenate themselves, at 5pm's EXCLUSIVE pampering event on the Wednesday the … [Read more...]

New sushi restaurant in Edinburgh

Magumi-chan, chef at Nagoya Original

A few years ago, your blogger interviewed the American chef, author and professional bad boy Anthony Bourdain.I asked him some long-winded and convoluted question which boiled down to 'How do you know a country has developed a decent restaurant scene?'Bourdain's answer was typically straight forward. Not one for counting Michelin stars or name-dropping celeb chefs, he reckoned that 'When sushi bars are common place, then your country has … [Read more...]