Girl meets food

Just a very short post to draw your attention to the excellent Girl meets Food series of recipes which is running on the Vice website.Sassy, opinionated and very funny, it's like Nigella's foul-mouthed twin sister has been given a column.This week, Joanna Fuertes-Knight tackles bacon cupcakes. Last week's recipe for drunken chicken is pretty cool as well.Be warned, it is not short of swear words and, if you work in a puritanical … [Read more...]

Scottish produce on display at National Museum of Scotland

Feast Bowl

The new National Museum of Scotland opens in Edinburgh today after a big bucks refit and it looks spectacular.Catering company Benugo, who also look after the grub at Edinburgh Castle, are operating a cafe and a ground floor brasserie in the museum.As you might hope, Scottish produce is very much to the fore with dishes such as Cullen skink, Scottish langoustine with homemade mayonnaise, Inverloch goat's cheese and beetroot salad, and … [Read more...]

Mithas aims for Michelin

Mithas: aiming to redefine Indian restaurants in Edinburgh

After much anticipation and even more delay, Mithas restaurant in Edinburgh's Leith opened a couple of months back and the blog missed it.It's the latest offering from the family that ran the Khushis restaurant on Victoria Street. Unfortunately, that operation was badly damaged by a fire in 2008 and hasn't re-opened since.The new Mithas is a very different beast. If the old Khushis was a bright, buzzy and bling Indian restaurant then … [Read more...]