2011 in food March and April

The interior of the Limelight Bar and Grill features pics of well known Scots such as Frankie Boyle

March and April were dominated by the royal wedding and every bar and restaurant worth its salt tried to introduce some form of Willcat gimmick.The blog liked the commemorative beer produced by the punk brewing company, Brewdog. Called the Royal Virility Performance, it was said to contain Viagra as well as several other aphrodisiacs.The beer’s efficacy in the trouser department remains untested but there’s no doubting the virility of … [Read more...]

2011 in food January and February


Looking back on 2011, at least through the eyes of the 5pm blog, it has been a tough but not disastrous year for Scotland’s restaurant scene.As always, plenty of restaurants closed their doors but just as many seemed to open.JanuaryAmong the new openings that we noted at the start of the year were Ian Brown Restaurant in Glasgow’s Eastwood; Mark Greenaway at what was then Hawke and Hunter; Opium in Glasgow city centre and, in … [Read more...]

Downton at du Vin

Hotel Du Vin.Pic of,Pictures by Chris James  22/11/11

Still not decided what you want for Christmas? How about living out a Downton Abbey fantasy?The Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens have hit upon the brilliant wheeze of marketing the exclusive use of the hotel’s Townhouse Four and Five as a Downton experience.Would-be Earls and Countesses of Grantham can swan around their private apartments attended by staff dressed in period costumes.Just like the TV show, arriving guests will be … [Read more...]