Kitchen Cabinet opens

Jay Rayner: not at the dinner table for once. Yes, I am jealous.

The TV schedules may be packed with food and cookery shows but it seems that the radio schedules have a way to go before they are sated.

This afternoon, at 3pm, Jay Rayner, restaurant reviewer at The Observer and foodie talking head on The One Show, will front up a new food panel show on Radio 4.

Called The Kitchen Cabinet, it aims to be as informative as it is fast-paced and witty. Despite coming from Sibton, near Saxmundham in Suffolk, this afternoon’s debut show has a distinct Scottish flavour.

The panel features Angela Malik, the Scottish-Indian chef, who has set up her own cookery school, deli and street-market stalls; Rachel McCormack, a Glaswegian who spent her formative years in Spain, and who is now successfully spreading the word on all things Spanish, not least by teaching authentic Catalan cookery; Stefan Gates, food adventurer and self-styled ‘gastronaut'; and the food historian, Dr Annie Gray.

On a lighter note, if that is the correct phrase, the team will asking whether flatulence caused many vegetables, popular in Victorian times, to fall out of favour. You can see which way the wind is blowing by clicking here for a clip on Jerusalem artichokes and their sometimes alarming side effects.