Dram of the Drambuie?

Drambuie’s Spirit of ’45


Edinburgh’s Scotch Whisky Experience has procured a second bottle of the Jacobite Collection – Spirit of ’45, the rarest and most valuable bottling in Drambuie’s range.

They sold their original bottle on the first day that their new retail shop opened to the public, an event which we blogged about here.

The Spirit of ’45 weighs in at a cool £3,500 which is certainly enough to make you think twice before necking a quick night cap after a night in the pub. However, it does contain a blend of 45-year-old whiskies which don’t come cheap along with a solid wood presentation box, a hand-blown decanter, special glass and a 32 page leather booklet written by whisky author Ian Buxton, on the history of the Jacobite Rebellion, Drambuie and the details behind the collection.

At three and a half grand, the Spirit of ’45 probably isn’t going to feature on too many Father’s Day gift lists. At around £35, the recently released Drambuie 15 looks a more accessible offer.

It’s made with Speyside malts that have been aged for a minimum of fifteen years before being blended with the secret Drambuie mix of spices, heather, herbs and honey.

For those who find the original Drambuie a little too sweet, the 15 is lighter and more citrussy but still has the heather and honey notes plus the creamy mouth feel of the original. It is well suited to an after dinner drink or, if the sun perks up, it would be refreshing served long over ice with ginger beer – something you might not want to do with the ’45.

Drambuie 15

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