It’s Easter Monday, chill

Mark Greenaway is on the telly tonight

Finished your last Easter Egg? Can’t bear the thought of another eggciting family activity?

Yup, me too. After a very long lunch yesterday, the blog is feeling a little… tired today.

So, here’s some stuff that doesn’t require you to move to far away from your iPad, laptop, telly, sofa.

First up, i-on magazine has done a couple of interviews with some big hitters on the Central Belt’s food scene. Clicky here to read what Monir Mohammed, owner of the Mother India restaurants, has to say about chicken feet and who¬† he would invite to his allstar dinner party.

Similarly, step this way to read an interview with Anne Pattterson about life at the helm of the good ship Rogano.

Alternatively, curl up on the sofa and snooze until BBC2’s Great British Menu pops up on the box at 7.30pm.

Mark Greenaway, eponymous chef at No. 12 Picardy Place, will be competing with two other Scottish chefs to see whose dishes make it on to the menu for the Olympic Feast which marks the finale of the latest GBM series.

Expect lots of needle as Greenaway is the only one of the Scottish chefs who actually works north of the border. You can get a taste of the barbed banter here.


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