Beat the burger

The Ad Lib Monster Burger: makes other burgers look like a girl’s blouse

Your blogger has become slightly obsessed with the Man V Food show so you may be able to imagine how delighted we were to learn of a burger-based food challenge in Glasgow.

Ad Lib on Hope Street has laid down a Monster Burger challenge. The gut-busting burger consists of 3lb’s of  Aberdeen Angus beef; 3 beef tomatoes; 2 onions, 1lb of cheese or ‘the wall of cheese’ as the first challenger aptly described it and a giant bun, specially made to fit  this humungo burger.

Challengers have 2 hours to complete the challenge and in that time are not allowed to leave the table, not even for a toilet break. If the burger is finished, the challenger’s bill is waived and they are given their own special – I destroyed the Ad Lib monster burger challenge –  T-shirt. Those lily-livered souls those who don’t finish have to pay £35 for the burger.

The first person to beat the burger was David McConnachie. After smashing the burger challenge, McConnachie was asked if there was any point he thought he’d have to give up.

‘Never,’ he said, shortly before exploding. ‘I love food and love Ad Lib burgers; I am contemplating making food eating competitions my new hobby.’

The Ad Lin Monster Burger challenge joins the Big Yin 96 ounce steak which is on offer at the Grill Room in 29 Royal Exchange Square.


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    That’s nothing……look at these guys in Essex…..They base their whole menu on the Man Vs Food TV Show and their burgers are huge. They have their own page on facebook called “Lunch In A Bag”
    Look at their photo’s and then you will see a burger

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