Insure your taste buds

Bacon: now being used as an alternative currency

Ah, bacon! This blog would be a poorer place without a steady stream of bacon-related nonsense.

Over on the sister 5pm Takeaway blog, we noted that an American bacon firm is promoting a stunt whereby a comedian has to travel from NYC to LA using only 3,000lbs of bacon as currency.

With cards and cash banned, all his travel, accommodation and food has to be bartered for using bacon.

Back on this side of the Atlantic, an old story has resurfaced about a bacon expert insuring his taste buds for £1m. Having first appeared in March, the story is climbing to the top of Most Read lists again.

Apparently, master butcher Keith Fisher can identify any cut or cure of pork in the world. This talent is so vital for his role as head judge for the Bacon Connoisseur’s Week that his ultra-sensitive taste buds have been insured for the seven figure sum.

While we’re sure that Mr Fisher’s taste buds are very valuable, their worth perhaps pales a little compared to the PR which this type of story generates.

Anyone else remember tales of Tom Jones’ chest hair being insured for $7m or Jennifer Lopez’s buttocks being insured for $13.5m a cheek?

Hmmm, is that bacon or bull I can smell?

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