Have A Break, Have A Sweetcorn Kit Kat

sweetcorn kit kat

 I'm usually quite a fan of when your average chocolate bar undergoes a makeover for a limited period. More often than not the addition of peanut butter sends me rushing to the corner shop to stock up my desk drawer on the latest chocolate-makers marketing ploy. Sometimes the flavour overhaul is so good and popular that it sticks around for a while, sometimes the limited edition variety is deemed unworthy of the supermarket shelves and … [Read more...]

I’d Lava Eat Local

Amid the travel chaos caused by the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, it seems that there could be a knock on effect when it comes to stocking our supermarket shelves. With the effects of the harsh British winter still fresh in our heads, our own crops of fruit and vegetables are a little behind this year so our supermarkets have been relying on more stock from the warmer climes of Africa and South America to keep us going.Whilst the … [Read more...]