Chef recipe inspiration: Scottish strawberries three ways

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Unless the weather changes dramatically, it's fair to say summer 2015 has not been a classic.In fact, thanks to the the cloudy skies and drizzle, we would barely even know it was summer at all if it wasn't for two things: Facebook newsfeeds filled with photos of folk jetting off on their holidays and fruit and veg shops packed to the brim with Scottish strawberries.In season from the end of May til September, strawberries are a summer … [Read more...]

Loire Valley Wines at Café St Honoré

Our Loire Valley Wines.

Cheese goes with red wine, right?Well... not always, as we discovered at a recent wine tasting dinner hosted by Loire Valley Wines.Last week, the 5pm Dining blog spent an enjoyably informative evening at Café St Honoré trying different wines from a couple of the Loire valley's wine-making hotspots.From a light aperitif Rosé d'Anjou from Eric Legrand to an aromatic Touraine Gamay called Les Marcottes, we tasted six wines - all matched … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Food Fest at Assembly George Square Gardens

The various Edinburgh festivals will be kicking off very shortly and the capital will, once more, be transformed into a giant playground for drama, comedy, music and all sorts of arty shenanigans.If you can't wait until the Fringe launches on the 7th of August, then you might want to head along to the Assembly George Square Gardens next week when the inaugural Edinburgh Food Festival will take place.Running from Wednesday 29th July to … [Read more...]