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February 25, 2009

A just released report from Oxford University appears to show that women who drink a large glass of wine a day increase their risk of certain types of cancer by up to 25%.

I could swear that it was only a couple of weeks back that we were being told that a glass of red wine a day could have benefits for our hearts. Puzzled? I am. Just as confusingly, after years of being warned about the dangers of cholesterol in eggs, it now seems that it is perfectly safe to once more go to work on an egg. Unfortunately, you’ll have to skip the smoky bacon as some experts reckon that smoked meats may be harmful. Glancing at a bacon butty used to mean an extra five minutes on the running machine. Apparently, it is now almost as dangerous as washing with Bisto and jumping in a piranha tank.

When did food and drink stop becoming something enjoyable and become the enemy? The fight back against food fascism starts here. If you are bored with being told to feel guilty because you fancy the occasional doughnut then just eat it. All things in moderation is the key to healthy and happy eating; not worrying whether or not the next pie could be your last.

Here is a very small and in no way exhaustive selection of 5pm members that have interesting wine lists. If you want to, go and have a glass. It won’t kill you.

In Glasgow’s city centre, Fifi and Ally have an interesting list that doesn’t follow the pack. Alternatively, go west. As the name suggests, they take their wine seriously at the Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens.

In Edinburgh, Iggy Campos, the owner of Iggs, is an enthusiastic wine lover and it shows in his restaurant. A little out of town in Aberlady, Malcolm Duck looks after an extensive cellar at Duck’s at Kilspindie.