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February 27, 2009

It isn’t scheduled to open until the end of March but I am curious to see how Hummingbird turns out. A new venture on Glasgow’s Bath Street, it is a G1 project that looks as though it will be a cross between a bar, a restaurant and a spring break beach party.

Spread over four floors, it promises an eclectic food menu, a beach bar, private fridges, a hot tub and, I kid you not, bikinis for sale. If I squeezed into a bikini then I would win the prize for the world’s worst tranny and I suspect that it would have a terrible effect on Hummingbird’s food sales. Recognising that many people are in a similar position, Hummingbird will also provide a dressing up box. This strikes me as a great idea and a fantastic way to break the ice on a first date.

The only potential problem is that choosing which costume to wear might slow the meal down. Choosing which starter to eat can be tricky enough without the added complication of deciding whether to dress up as a pirate or a cowboy. It certainly puts a whole new slant on being dressed for dinner.

If you can’t wait for Hummingbird to open then here are a few suggestions for restaurants that either have a touch of the theatrical about them or which actively encourage their customers to dress up. In Glasgow, Arta could be the set for a Zorro movie while the Curry Karaoke Club has a great selection of wigs and, if memory serves, falsies available to diners.

In Edinburgh, Zucca’s location in the Lyceum means it is no stranger to the smell of greasepaint while Le Monde’s capital cities of the world design theme just begs for a spot of dressing up.