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February 20, 2009

There is a great story emerging today about the head of a private equity firm who decided to punish his wealthy executives by making them eat burgers.

Apparently, the Permira company were having their annual jolly at Pennyhill Park in Surrey when the chief executive overheard some of the firm’s top brass whining about the food they were served at the restaurant’s Michelin-starred restaurant.

After lecturing them on how they might like to think about how lucky they actually are, top dog Damon Buffini ordered the restaurant to serve his staff burgers the following evening. Promoting a little humility among financial whiz kids seems a great idea in the current climate but burgers don’t fit my definition of humble pie.

Done well, a burger is thing of beauty rather than a punishment exercise. In Glasgow, the Ad Lib restaurants, Baby Grand, the Bank Café Bar and Restaurant Bar and Grill in Princes Square all lay on burgers worth mentioning.

In Edinburgh, those from the Olive Branch, Porto and Fi, Amicus Apple and Wannaburger all have their fans.

Back in Glasgow, the G1 Group’s Ketchup burger chain recently expanded from its West End base to open a new branch in the Southside. An Edinburgh branch is expected within the next two months.