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February 12, 2009

Whether you have a partner or not, it has been impossible ignore the fact that Valentine’s Day is looming on the horizon. My inbox has been deluged with news of restaurants offering pink fizz, red roses and enough candlelight to make most restaurants visible from the moon.

The most unusual Valentine promo to pitch up so far is a can of an energy drink called, wait for it, Pussy. Billed as a ‘fruity love potion’, it is said be the favourite drink of A-listers from London to Hollywood although one of the accompanying celeb pics seems to show Hugh Hefner clutching a can. If there was one man on earth who didn’t need a pick-me-up, it’s surely the head of the Playboy empire?

Anyway, this stuff apparently contains more aphrodisiacs than Casanova on a stag night and even includes a dose of Mediterranean milk thistle which is supposed to help the morning after the night before. On sale in Edinburgh’s Amicus Apple and other Scottish bars, the blurb hints that it will make anybody’s evening go with a swing.

I’m not convinced and I’m even less sure that I could even order the stuff in a bar without feeling my toes curl in embarrassment. Still, even the sledgehammer subtlety of a drink called Pussy seems preferable to plans, reported in The Times, to make a soft drink from cow’s urine. Which comes first again: Valentine’s Day or April Fool?