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March 11, 2009

Scotland has its fair share of themed restaurants but few are quite as bizarre as the Taiwanese ones shown in this Guardian photo spread. I can easily understand the appeal of the A380 In-Flight Kitchen which is modelled on a jumbo jet cabin. I can almost begin to understand why people might want to eat in a hospital-themed restaurant such as Taipei’s DS. However, it is just weird to want to eat in a place called Modern Toilet where the food is served in mini-toilet bowls. What does that do to the chefs’ self respect?

Edinburgh’s plans for a railway carriage café in Leith seem thankfully vanilla in comparison.

Here are some 5pm members who have a very definite theme to their restaurants:

The theme of Glasgow’s Café Cossachok is pretty clear from the name as is that of the Kama Sutra. In West Kilbride, the grade B listed Edwardian railway station now houses a restaurant known as Chu Chus.

On the west coast, Britannia Spice makes the most of its Leith docks location with a nautical theme while the Royal Mile’s Amber stays true to its address in the Scotch Whisky Experience.