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March 19, 2009

According to the Evening Standard, a Chinese firm which catered for last year’s Beijing Olympics is bidding to cater for the London Olympics in 2012. Specialising in Szechuan cooking, the South Beauty Group is planning to open a restaurant in London to showcase its food.

Licking its lips with glee, the Standard reports that duck intestines with duck blood tofu are among the catering firm’s specialities. It is a dish that may or may not make you shudder but call it duck black pudding and it suddenly sounds a lot less frightening. Having said that, Chinese food does have a reputation for going where other cuisines fear to tread. The Chinese are possibly the only people apart from Scots who don’t look startled when they first hear what goes into haggis.

More extreme is this fantastic story about a Texan man who was spotted in public eating mud and dog food while growling. All becomes clear a little further down the article when it is revealed that investigating officers discovered PCP, a half pound of marijuana and a quarter ounce of crack in the man’s possession. If he’d wanted an appetiser, surely he would have been much better off with a gin and tonic like everybody else?