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March 16, 2009

Edinburgh diners with long memories might recall the two branches of Tapas Ole which did much to popularise the concept of tapas in the capital during the Nineties. Cheap, cheerful and often raucous, I have hazy memories of celebrating various birthdays, jobs and anniversaries in the two restaurants,

Cut to the present day and, although almost every other country’s cuisine is now available in small or tapas size portions, the number of Spanish tapas bars in the city has shrunk a little.

Off the top of my head, there is just Bar Rioja, Café Andaluz, La Tasca and the tiny El Bar. That merry band will swell by the end of the week when the new Tapa (the lack of an ‘S’ is deliberate) bar opens in Leith.

It’s run by Robert Scobie, who originally opened the Tapas Tree and then went on run the two Tapas Ole branches. After travelling around Australia and Spain, Robert is back in Edinburgh and keen to show off his gambas again.