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April 22, 2009

It’s hard to decide whether to be impressed or feel slightly ill at this story about Winston Churchill’s breakfast habits. While crossing the Atlantic in 1954, the famous war time leader wasn’t too thrilled with the airline meal on offer so he wrote his own order on the back of the menu.

So big it had to be carried on two trays, his order reads:

‘1st Tray. Poached egg, Toast, Jam, Butter, Coffee and milk, Jug of cold milk, Cold Chicken or Meat.

‘2nd Tray. Grapefruit, Sugar Bowl, Glass orange squash (ice), Whisky soda.’ He then adds: ‘Wash hands, cigar.’

I’m OK with it all up until the whisky. It’s always best to wait until elevenses before cracking the Scotch. Baileys on the cornflakes is acceptable if you really must. The cigar is beyond the pale.

Back in the real world, The Arches has appointed a new head chef and he is making his mark by launching a new evening menu. Typical starters at the Glasgow arts venue include vodka and chilli cured Scottish salmon, potato pancakes and crème fraiche or the pan-fried wild mushrooms with parmesan gnocchi. Among the main courses are dishes such as the penne pasta with a ragu of slow cooked beef shoulder and lightly spiced butternut dumplings with an oyster mushroom and ginger stew.