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May 26, 2009

Brodie‘s, a family-run, West Regent Street bar recently sent in their funky newsletter. Fronted by the bar’s mascot, Percy Pea Face, it’s a canny mix of chirpy info about the bar and their suppliers as well as a selection of glowing reviews. A million miles away from dull corporate newsletters, the whole thing reads like an underground fanzine.

The bar has just introduced a whole set of new menus which are listed on 5pm here.

Take a peek and, if their prepped on the premises, Scottish grub tickles your fancy, then you know where to go. While there, pick up a copy of the newsletter and check out the Ode to Brodie’s which is written on the inside cover. You can’t go wrong with the following opening stanza:

‘Come to our new place called Brodie’s

With great beer, music and stovies’

I’m not sure it scans just right but it says all you need to know.