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June 16, 2009

Cookie moved in with us about 3 months ago.  After some initial anxiousness on his part he’s now been successfully rebranded as ‘Dr Henry Philip McCoy’ (he responds better to ‘Henry’ than he ever did to ‘Cookie’) and has settled in well.  He’s my first cat and I think I was more nervous than him when he arrived, but now that we’re used to each other he’s so pleasant to have around that I wasn’t even a little weirded out when I read this article about cat cafes in Tokyo, I can totally see the attraction.  Although I think if Henry ever decided to try and make it on his own he’d struggle to find employment in a cat cafe, as he is incapable of resisting dipping a paw in any liquid he sees, especially tea and coffee.

Since I get plenty of cat love at home what I’d really like to see is a dog cafe in Glasgow, perhaps somewhere around Queens Park since I’ve always got dog-envy after a stroll there.  Maybe I’ll open one myself…