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June 17, 2009

Bacon, or at least products bearing some slim connection to bacon, have become a regular feature of this blog with the piggy food stuff making appearances here, here and here.

However, I reckon that this piece in The Onion represents a new high, or low, in bacon-related foodstuffs. It’s a vodka that tastes of bacon. Probably not the first bottle you would reach for when making a voddie martini but not unthinkable if Bloody Marys are on your mind. After all, shellfish may not be the most obvious of drinks mixers but Clamato juice makes a fine Bloody Mary. Making one with Clamato and Bakon vodka may be a step too far though.

Bakon Vodka: the ideal morning after tipple?
Bakon Vodka: the ideal morning after tipple?

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