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June 5, 2009

The grill or steakhouse is one of those restaurant types that seems to pop in and out of fashion on a regular basis. They are a bit like cocktails in that they have a few years of seeming naff or dull followed by a few more years of being very desirable with different steakhouses competing with each other to offer the most aspirational cuts of steak.

‘You serve Orkney Gold beef? I’ll raise you a fillet of wagyu that has been hand-massaged and fed beer since it was two months old.’

At the moment, grill restaurants seem to be very much on the up. Perhaps the recession is encouraging a taste for the simple pleasures of a decent steak and chips. One of the latest to open is the West End Grill which has set up shop in the former Trattoria Trevi on Glasgow’s Great Western Road.

Glasgow isn’t short of restaurants that know what to do with a chargrill and a slab of meat. Abode Bar and Grill, 29 The Grill at the Square, Grill @ Tiger Tiger, the Grill on the Corner, the Restaurant Bar and Grill and One Ten Bar and Grill are all 5pm members.