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July 23, 2009

Found this delightful diary entry by Noel Coward.

Sunday 19 November 1961 (Jamaica)

Cole and I had a long and cosy talk about death the other evening, sitting up here watching the dark come and waiting for the fireflies to appear. He is so sensible. We discussed what would happen if I died and what would happen if he died, and came to the sensible conclusion that there was nothing to be done. We should have to get on with life until our turn came. I said, ‘After all, the day had to go on and breakfast had to be eaten’, and he replied that if I died he might find it a little difficult to eat breakfast but would probably be peckish by lunchtime.

from, The Noel Coward Diaries, ED. Graham Payn and

Sheridan Morley, 1982