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July 23, 2009

As noted here, The Scotch Whisky Experience on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile recently unveiled its jaw-dropping new exhibit: the world’s largest collection of whiskies housed in a purpose built glass vault.

The vault is now open for private dining and, if you have an interest in Scotland’s top drop, it’s hard to imagine a more spectacular setting for a meal. There are some 3500 bottles housed in the floor-to-ceiling glass displays and the atmospheric lighting shows them at their best. Add in a whopping Swarovski crystal chandelier as well as dishes with a Scottish flavour courtesy of the well-respected Amber restaurant and you have most of the ingredients necessary for a cracking night.

Dundee marmalade and whisky ice cream cake is the sort of thing that the chefs rustle up and, if that gives you the taste for a drink, then the buildings bars offer a massive choice of Scotch whisky.

Dining in the whisky vault
Dining in the whisky vault