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July 9, 2009

When Delia Smith spelled out how to boil an egg in one of her recipe books, she copped a fair amount of flak from people accusing her of being patronising.

If this story in The Telegraph is anything to go by then Delia didn’t go far enough. It seems that putting water and an egg in a pan and boiling them is just too complicated for some people. The solution: pre-boiled and peeled eggs.

Scurrilous online site The Daily Mash has taken the idea one step further and come up with an unappetising suggestion for pre-digested food. It’s here but be warned, if your work internet usage policy doesn’t like swear words than clicking on the link is going to raise a few red flags in the IT department.

An egg: baffling to many people, apparently
An egg: baffling to many people, apparently

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