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July 17, 2009

There is a wave of great squid stories popping up all over the web at the moment. Apparently, the coast of California is under attack from giant carniverous squid. Divers are afraid to go in the water and some reports reckon that the squid can fly.

Scientists are unsure why the squid have left their normal deep sea habitat for more shallow waters. Some are speculating that climate change has restricted their usual food supply. Other reports think they may have come to the coast line because of a deep sea earthquake.

I liked the Daily Mail’s Attack of the giant squid headline and The Telegraph’s Jumbo flying squid attack divers. However, my favourite headline is short and sweet: Beast Feast screams the Thaindian News.

We’re fine as long as we stay away from the water but if the cows attack then we are really up the creek without a paddle.