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July 20, 2009

Understandably, the papers are full of reports about the fortieth anniversary of the moon landings. The Guardian has an interesting piece about the food that the astronauts on those missions ate and the grub that future space travellers might take with them on their journeys to the stars.

Famously, non-stick pans were one of the technological spin offs from the space race but I’m always glad that scientists never quite seemed to get around to another innovation which was promised by the space age: meals in pill form. They might have been convenient but you can’t imagine anyone looking forward to dinnertime.

However, I still have a soft spot for Space Dust, the snack that crackles in the mouth. The complete opposite of a meal in pill form, the stuff had nothing to do with nutrition and everything to do with fun and instant gratification. Open the pack, tip it and we have lift off!