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July 23, 2009

While on the subject of Italian restaurants, I was tickled by Tony Crolla’s latest marketing ploy/publicity stunt.The owner of the Vittoria restaurants on George IV Bridge and Brunswick Street in Edinburgh is giving his customers the chance to decide if Scottish water or Italian water should be served in the restaurants.

Mr Crolla had been looking at removing Italian water Acqua Panna from the restaurant. That then sparked a debate among customers as to what was better – Scottish or Italian water. After thinking about dumping them both, Tony is giving the people the chance to decide.

He said: ‘Worldwide, Scottish water has a fantastic reputation – especially compared to the likes of London water – and serving from the tap has obvious environmental and carbon footprint benefits over transporting Acqua Panna to the restaurant.

‘However, some people feel that an authentic Italian restaurant should have authentic Italian water, so I’ve decided to open it up to the public to decide if it should be Scottish water or Italian water we serve.

‘It’s Water Idol with the winner being kept on at the restaurants. If Italian water wins, then all the Scottish water will be used for is washing the dishes and the floors.’

Watch this space for news about the winner of a blind taste test.

It’s an eye-catching gimmick but to be fair to Crolla he also has an impressive track record when it comes to greening the restaurant business.

Vittoria's staff get stuck into the War of the Waters
Vittoria's staff get stuck into the War of the Waters