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September 1, 2009
Roy Brett: hoping to land Ondine soon
Roy Brett: hoping to land Ondine soon

Having won multiple plaudits at Dakota, there is a keen sense of anticipation building around Roy Brett’s new Ondine seafood restaurant. The first floor restaurant is part of the Hotel Missoni building on Edinburgh’s George IV Bridge. Rumoured to have a horseshoe bar, big gallery windows and, interestingly, a mural inspired by the End of the Line film about over-fishing, the latest news is that the operation is due to open on September 15.

In his last job at Dakota, Brett was immensely proud to be the first restaurateur in Scotland eligible to have the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo beside certified sustainable seafood dishes on his menu. It would be a big surprise if he doesn’t aim for the same eco-friendly credentials at his new venture.

The Captain’s Galley in Scrabster and a fish ‘n’ chip shop are the only other places in Scotland to have got such a thumbs up from the MSC