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October 26, 2009
A light snack
A light snack

Ad Lib in the Merchant City will be the venue for a titanic battle between several Glasgow restaurants and bars this afternoon as they battle for the Best Burger in town title.

Along with Herald restaurant critic Ron MacKenna and Clyde DJ Romeo, yours truly will be chowing down on several burger-filled buns to try and find the city’s champion burger.

But what makes a great burger? For me, I like the meat to be coarsely ground so that it still has plenty of texture. I also like a good dose of herbs in the mix so it tastes fresh rather than overwhelmingly meaty. The bun is important. I’m not fussed about it being toasted but it must be fairly hard-wearing so that it doesn’t disintegrate when trying to pick the burger up.

I’m ambivalent about the garnishes. A slice of tomato and maybe a slick of mayo is fine but I don’t want it slathered in ketchup. I like the American habit of serving burgers with slices of pickles on the side.

Assuming that I don’t burst then there will be a blow by blow account of the competition posted here tomorrow but, before that, would any 5pm blog readers care to nominate their favourite burger joint?