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October 15, 2009
The Kenwood KM070: what Robocop would cook with
The Kenwood KM070: what Robocop would cook with

When I was growing up in the Seventies and Eighties, kitchen gadgets were all the rage and my mother loved ’em all. From electric carving knives to can openers via battery-powered whisks and the sticky delights of Sodastream machines, no meal ever hit the table without being preceededby a motorised whirring noise. Or the the burp of the Sodastream.

Pride of place went to the Kenwood which could not only mix dough, slice and mince but could also peel spuds. At the time, it seemed like the ultimate piece of kitchen technology; up there with Smash and those little packets of space dust that would pop on your tongue. As of today, I realise it was only the first generation of a series of machines that would take over the kitchen.

The above beauty is the KM070 Cooking Chef which can not just beat your eggs, it can cook ’em as well. This bad boy has an induction element which means it can make risotto, heat stews, steam veg, temper chocolate and prove dough. Ask nicely and it will probably nip down the shops and get the messages. Marcus Wareing is launching the beast today at John Lewis.

The only drawback is that it costs just shy of a grand.