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October 20, 2009
The Brewdog boys raise equity punk style
The Brewdog boys raise equity punk style

Or at least own a share in one? Scotland’s unconventional Brewdog company today launched a novel equity raising drive to help pay for a new eco-friendly brewery which they hope to build in Fraserburgh. Called Equity For Punks, the scheme enables Brewdogs fans to buy a share in the company for £230. As well as having a small piece of the Brewdog business, the shares enable their holder to a 20% discount on all Brewdog products. Depending on how thirsty you and your friends are it would be theoretically possible to realise a profit on your investment before Christmas.

As an added sweetener, Brewdog have just announced that two high fliers in the American drinks industry have joined forces with the brewers to help them expand in the American market.

Brewdog’s founders James Watt and Martin Dickie are no strangers to headlines having provoked controversy with both a beer called Speedball and their Tokyo brew which weighed in at a whopping 18%ABV.