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March 21, 2012
A tapas display at a bar in Barcelona; courtesy of Wikipedia

While food lovers, the media and chefs do like to spraff on, quite rightly, about the food revolution and how concerned we all are that our food is local, seasonal and ethically produced, I sometimes wonder if the bigger change is not what we eat but how we eat it. Everything is going tapas.

Obviously, this has been going on for at least ten years but, unlike most food fashions, it doesn’t seem to be showing much sign of slowing down.

Your blogger used to write a weekly column for The Daily Record setting out three new bars, restaurants and cafes that readers might want to try.

That meant that at least 460 new places were opening in Scotland a year. Factor in the ones that I didn’t find out about or couldn’t fit in and I reckon that perhaps 600 new catering businesses were opening in Scotland on an annual basis.

At least a third of them served their food as tapas or in small plates.

The latest to join the throng is La Mesa on New Street in Paisley. Not long opened, the restaurant’s menu has around fifty different choices split between meat, fish, veg, paellas, desserts and sides.

So, if you’re in Paisley and suddenly find yourself in dire need of  grilled sardines, grilled chicken wings in tahini or a seafood paella you may want to mosey along to New Street.