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April 13, 2012
Glasgow’s Viva Brazil is on trend according to Olive mag

According to Olive magazine, Glasgow’s Viva Brazil helps demonstrate one of the eating trends which will rock the culinary world in 2012.

The May edition of the food mag cites diversity as one of the hot trends for this year. Along with Peruvian, Jewish, Korean and Taiwanese food, they point out that Brazilian restaurants are becoming more popular throughout the UK and Viva Brazil’s churrascaria style of cooking is the perfect example.

At Viva Brazil, this means that the main showpiece is a 120 sq ft charcoal barbecue area, where diners can watch their cuts of meat including lamb, pork, beef and chicken being slow roasted. A troop of Passadors (carvers) then expertly carve it at the table.

Each diner has a red and green sign to indicate whether or not they want the Passadors to visit their table again.

If you are feeling full then display the red sign and they will pass you by. If you think you could manage just one more slice of marinated sirloin or perhaps another morsel of chicken wrapped in bacon then fly the green flag.

If you want to be on trend, then 5pm is currently offering two deals with Viva Brazil: a 25% discount on food or a lunch at £10. You can find the full details and book from here.

The other trends that Olive thinks will be big this year are gin, informal dining, tweed & taxidermy (no joke, you’ll have to buy it) and homegrown produce.

The fifth prediction is simply titled ‘Ladies in beer’. While this may sound like a photoshoot for Front mag, it’s actually a growing trend for women not only drinking beer but also making it.

The new edition of Olive is out now.