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May 18, 2012
Gamba’s foup: will your lucky number come up?

The words ‘Gamba’ and ‘foup’ probably don’t mean much to you unless you are a regular visitor to Gamba, the popular seafood restaurant on Glasgow’s West George Street.

As we noted previously on the blog, their fish soup or ‘foup’ has proved hugely popular. So much so, that the restaurant is now inviting people to guess when they will sell their 3000th portion of it this year.

At the last count, they had sold 2211 servings. If you want to take a punt on when they will sell their 3000th portion then make for their FB page.

The person who guesses the correct date will win a meal for two from their market menu. And yes, there is foup on the market menu.

Alternatively, book through 5pm and Gamba are offering a £50 per couple for 3 courses each from their 5pm menu. The offer includes a bottle of Chilean wine to share.