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May 4, 2012


I’m usually quite a fan of when your average chocolate bar undergoes a makeover for a limited period. More often than not the addition of peanut butter sends me rushing to the corner shop to stock up my desk drawer on the latest chocolate-makers marketing ploy. Sometimes the flavour overhaul is so good and popular that it sticks around for a while, sometimes the limited edition variety is deemed unworthy of the supermarket shelves and it disappears only to return in years to come when people desperately wonder why on earth would Kit Kat remove the Peanut Butter Chunky for Caramel flavour? Seriously, why would you do that!


However, it seems that our gain of a Caramel flavoured Kit Kat wasn’t the worst thing that could befall us, we can indeed count ourselves lucky that Sweetcorn, Toasted Soy Flour, Apple Vinegar and Potato varieties are only available in Japan. A list of 35 different Kit Kat varieties makes for interesting reading and it isn’t all bad, for instance, I’m sure Cookies and Cream, Honeycomb and Strawberry Kit Kats would be perfectly pleasant. Also, if anyone knows where i could get a fix of the Cookie Dough variety, please let me know!