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June 7, 2012

To use a technical term, Glasgow’s West end is hoaching with new openings and intriguing new ventures.

Somehow the blog has only just found out about Black Rabbit, a coffee shop, bar and restaurant on the Great Western road which opened at the end of April.

Hanging out appears to be one of the major (in)activities on offer with plenty of coffee, cakes and nibbles available to help customers attain a state of deep chillaxation.

Interestingly, they reckon that all their food is sourced from within a one mile radius. Think along the lines of meatballs, wings, salads and 2-4-1 pizza for less than a tenner.

Black Rabbit is now open

Also in the West End, but this time on Byres Road, Charlie Rocks is a new American style diner on the old Cafe Antipasti site. The menu reads like a diner greatest hits compilation with hot dogs; chicken wings, burgers (naturally) and something called Elvis’ Memphis-fried chicken. Less heart-clogging choices include the blackened Cajun fish and the lime and lemongrass chicken.

Sticking with Great Western Road, Aye Sushi (see what they’ve done?) is the latest venture from the people behind the Jo Sushi catering firm. Based out of Fantoosh Fish, they are selling top notch sushi every Friday and Saturday. Mines a scallop with mojito jelly, thanks.

Fancy some sushi? the boys and girls at Aye! Sushi may be able to help