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July 18, 2012

Every single person at 5pm Towers loves haggis, so we were cockahoop when Jo Macsween got in touch about doing a guest post on the blog.  Loads of restaurants on 5pm do creative things with haggis, so we already know it’s not just good with neeps and tatties.  The nachos recipe is particularly genius, I think I know what I’ll be having for tea on Friday night….

And don’t miss the competition to win a week’s supply of haggis, we’ll feature the winning recipe or idea on here too!


Macsween Haggis Nachos

At Macsween we know a thing or two about haggis and have lots of recipes for feeding your haggis hunger. This simple recipe for Macsween Haggis Nachos is a favourite with our Facebook fans, a cinch to prepare and can be made with both traditional and vegetarian haggis. The ‘Tex Mac’ combination can be spiced up or cooled down with this lip-smacking array of flavours. For more recipes and to enter our competition to win one weeks’ supply of haggis check out our website.

preparation time: 5 minutes

serves 2-3


1-2 packs of Macsween 60-second haggis (traditional or vegetarian as you prefer)

Large bag of tortilla chips

Tub of guacamole

Jar of salsa

Tub of sour cream

Fresh coriander

Optional extras to consider:

– jalapeño peppers

– fresh chillies

– grated cheddar


  1. Heat the Macsween Haggis in the microwave.

  2. Empty a large bag of original tortilla chips onto a large plate.

  3. Dollop generous spoonfuls of guacamole and salsa over the chips and add a few jalapeño peppers if desired.

  4. Once the haggis is piping hot, dot spoonfuls onto the top of the nachos, adding a few spoonfuls of sour cream and roughly chopped coriander to finish.

To serve

Eat immediately (with beer).