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September 18, 2012
Brew Lab’s Slayer gets to work

There have been some curious burblings, bubblings and hissing noises coming from Brew Lab, an artisan coffee bar which opened on Edinburgh’s South College Street at the weekend.

Run by barista boffins, Dave Law and Tom Hyde, the new joint boasts bespoke coffee blends, single origin coffees and a wide variety of coffee making methods including syphons, V60, Chemex, Clever Dripper, Espro Press and Aeropress.

The most hi-tech looks to be the Slayer, an all singing, all dancing espresso machine which is described by its manufacturers as a ‘powerful Industrial Craft-built machine with virtually endless steam capacity plus brew temperature stability on multiple groups even during maximum volume use’.

I’ve no idea what most of the last two paragraphs signify except that Brew Lab take their coffee very seriously.

The place looks pretty darn funky with a monolithic concrete bar, stripped walls and a floor made of boards reclaimed from a closed down school gym.

As well as top end coffees, they also serve a range of good-looking sarnies and pastries. Just don’t go asking for a Nescafe frappe.