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September 19, 2012
The Roamin’ Nose is soon to open on Eyre Place

A week back we blogged about The Hanoi Bike Shop, a new Vietnamese restaurant which is setting up shop in the premises recently vacated by Stravaigin II. While Stravaigin II may be gone, The Hanoi Bike Shop is still the baby of the team behind the Ubiquitous Chip and the original Stravaigin operating on Gibson Street.

According to the Bike Shop’s Facebook page, the restaurant is at the enjoyable, if fraught stage, of menu testing. Can’t be long before it opens.

Over in Edinburgh, The Roamin’ Nose seems to be at a similar stage in its launch plans. Taking shape in the Eyre Place premises last used by a branch of La Garrgiue, it promises to be a cafe bistro with homemade food, coffees and wine.