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October 12, 2012
Nigella Lawson: unlikely to be taking a holiday in France anytime soon

So it’s pretty much the weekend and your blogger can almost smell the gin. Time to kick back with some of the lighter food-related stories from this week.

Scottish bar in global top ten

Top of the list is a big congrats to Edinburgh’s Bramble bar which has come tenth in a list of the 50 best bars in the world.

The only Scottish bar to make the list, the entrants were compiled by Drinks International, a global drinks industry trade mag.

Apparently, one hundred and fifty top experts from 40 countries voted. You can see the full list here.

French are rubbish

According to a piece in today’s Times, Nigella Lawson is not a big fan of French cooking. ‘They are only good at bread and butter’, she declared before adding, ‘I think it was probably an Italian who said. “Italian cooking draws attention to the food and French cooking draws attention to the cook”‘.

Miaow. You’d think she had a book out or something.

The French have not been slow to get their revenge. A not terribly gallant Jean Christophe Novelli retaliated by saying that Nigella looks like a sixty-year-old woman from behind – a particularly Gallic insult.

The rest of the French nation have gone down the more traditonal route of stoning British fishermen. Port blockades and burning incoming livestock lorries are traditionally the next step of the outraged French citizen.

Writing personally, I think Nigella is talking nonsense. You can check out all of 5pm’s French member restaurants here.