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October 5, 2012

Sheesh. You blog about Glasgow’s new Vietnamese canteen a couple of times before it opens and then you go on holiday (Istanbul. Lovely, thanks. Great, spicy, BBQ mackerel rolls and unbelievable pickled plums. No really).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, you take your eye off the ball and come back to find that Glasgow’s first Vietnamese has only gone and opened.

The Hanoi Bike Shop on Ruthven Lane opened a couple of weekends back and has already picked up a glowing review from the Glasgow Food blog.

With sections covering street food; stews, pho noodle soups and bahn mi super sarnies, the menu is short and to the point.

With the exception of the seafood pho at £10.50, most of the dishes are priced between a fiver and a tenner – not quite Ho Chi Minh City prices but pretty darn reasonable for Glasgow.

The new venture sits on the former site of Stravaigin II and has links to Stravaigin and the Ubiquitous Chip which both seem as lively as ever.