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October 3, 2012
Khublai Khan was never refused a repeat visit to the buffet

There is currently a story doing the rounds about two lads who have been barred from a Brighton restaurant after taking the all-you-can-eat policy to extremes.

Apparently, George Dalmon and Andy Miles, pictured here looking glum if not exactly in danger of starvation, would visit the buffet table at least five times every time they went to the Gobi Mongolian BBQ.

The manager said that the pair could put him out of business. The scoffers squealed that the bowls provided were so small they had to hit the buffet multiple times.

The manager claims that the doughty duo would often knock other customers aside in their haste to batter the buffet. The lads, one of whom is a former rugby player, claim to be deeply hurt at being called ‘pigs’ by the manager.

TBH, I’m with the restaurant on this one. According to reports, the blokes had been coming to the restaurant for two years; only ever drank tap water and never left a tip. I can see why the manager may finally have snapped.

If the idea of feasting at a buffet floats your boat then there are a couple of 5pm member restaurants that may want to try out.

In Edinburgh and Glasgow, there are branches of Khublai Khan’s Mongolian Restaurant which offer adventurous diners the chance to sample everything from venison, wild boar and ostrich to zebra, kangaroo, octopus and even camel.